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Coming from its name, Bakistry was first founded to teach the art of healthy baking. As this Kandivali-based company encouraged the women of Mumbai to bring a new excitement in their kitchens through do-it-yourself workshops, we also started fulfilling the wishes of sweet tooth customers who ordered for our specialties.
Today we take orders and also conduct full-fledged workshops and continue to spread the word of healthy baking! We conduct workshops at Kandivali and also teach if students would like learn at their homes.
This blog is dedicated to those who love to follow recipes and interesting knowledge about baking and food!

The Boulangères

Sapna D’souza, Owner

Sapna D’souza

Sapna exclaims, “When 18 years back I brought my first oven I never imagined that today my passion for baking would lead me into a creative business of home baking.” Practice, patience and enthusiasm are the key to confident and successful baking. The recipe that she follows will inspire one to start sifting flour, breaking eggs and stirring up all sort of delectable treats – all guaranteed to bring great satisfaction to both baker and those lucky enough to enjoy the result.

Shweta D’souza

Shweta D’souza, Co-Owner

Shweta has been a great motivating factor for the existence of Bakistry today. Currently a Mass Media student, she has brought a fresh perspective to Bakistry with her innovative marketing techniques. If you find the photographs on the website mouth watering, it’s her way of getting you drooled! 😉

Want to know more about bakistry? Check out our website! www.bakistry.in

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