Baking: An inspiration for Photography


June 17, 2013 by Shweta D'souza

To click pictures was something like how we ordinary people do: pull out that Symbian phone and Khachaak! you get your picture. In those days, Instagram wasn’t heard of, 3.2 mega pixel cameras were considered the best. But soon I entered college and photography got a new meaning to it. I saw what we call Professional DSLR cameras where you zoom into your subject and you get a pretty focused high-definition photograph. Sadly I didn’t get to be a part of this team but thankfully I didn’t belong to the smart phone camera category either! I was in between the two; my ‘bridge’ camera didn’t make me look lame or really cool photographer. And that’s how my journey began. I was soon introduced to a variety of techniques and there was a whole world to explore. I reached a stage where all I wanted to do was to click photographs and charge the batteries simultaneously, fearing that I would miss out on something.

To learn by borrowing cameras was a good way, I gained more knowledge

To learn by borrowing cameras was a good way, I gained more knowledge

My Mass Media course introduced me to a whole different world of cameras and lenses and unknown letters and numbers; which pushed me to shoot more, so that I could get good marks. And I went through the same stage which almost every student might go through after finishing a particular subject. Denial, laziness and soon procrastination.

But something was in for me, I knew that this camera wouldn’t have a sad ending (like the autobiographies of 7th grade students on non living objects) but probably another beginning. And soon Bakistry entered my family and my life, which completely changed how our imagination! Mother practicing types of icing, my father in front of the computer screen working continuously on the website; while I pu

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lled out all the possible props and figured suitable lights for the dishes to be shot. We couldn’t believe our ability and our creativity that has got us here so far! Let’s hope Bakistry flourishes as I get to shoot more interesting photographs!

Shweta is currently pursuing graduation in journalism at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbadsi. She enjoys photography as a hobby. Click here to find out more pictures of Bakistry.

One thought on “Baking: An inspiration for Photography

  1. bhavani says:

    totally an inspiration for clicks… didn’t know you had this blog too. good stuff!! your pics of baked goodies are really good.

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