Blackberry Cream Cheese Mousse


May 24, 2013 by Shweta D'souza

Crunchiness of the biscuits.

Tangling bitter-sweetness of Blackberries.

Not to forget soft and mild Cheese Cream melting in your mouth!

Enjoy the recipe of a three layered mousse! Serves four glasses.


100g Ginger flavored Digestive Biscuits
2 tbsp. Butter

Blackberry filler:
2 tbsp. Blackberry jam
150 g blackberries
25 g sugar

Cream Cheese Mousse:
1 cup whipped heavy cream
1/3 cup sugar, (67g) divided in 2 cups (1/6th cup each)
2 large eggs
1 tsp. vanilla extract
250 g cream cheese


-Crumble the digestive biscuits with butter in a bowl.

Blackberry Filler:
-Melt jam in a heavy sauce pan. Add blackberries and sugar. Stir for 5 minutes and let it cool.

-Separate egg yolk and egg white. In a big bowl, beat egg yolk with 1/6th cup of sugar until smooth and creamy. Add Cream cheese and beat for 5 to 10 minutes until incorporated. Add a tsp. of Vanilla Extract.
-In a small bowl, beat egg whites until foamy. Gradually add 1/6th cup of sugar beating until soft peaks form.
-Gently fold meringue and whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture until well combined.

Fill 1/4th of a tall glass with the base, and layer it with the blackberry filler. Pour the mousse on top of it. Refrigerate to chill.

6 thoughts on “Blackberry Cream Cheese Mousse

  1. hima says:

    Hey…can u also please mention where we can buy the ingredients from…:)thanks..

    • chinoosam says:

      You can check at crawford’s market for Cream cheese and fresh blackberries (Not always available here) otherwise preserved blackberries in cans are always available at super marts 🙂

  2. sallybr says:

    Sounds absolutely decadent, I’ve never had a mousse made with blackberries, in fact I’ve never used them in desserts, just ate them fresh…

    great recipe!!!!

  3. michtsang says:

    Sounds yum and easy? Like your structure and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. These sound delicious!! I’ve never thought of something like this, I’ll have to have a go!

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